The world in which we live is filled with information flows that constantly run in front of our eyes, inevitably leaving a trace in our memory. The question is whether this trace is pleasant.

It happens that you enter a site and it immediately becomes pleasant, easy. Because this site is not cluttered, there is no visualization noise, nothing prevents you from finding what you came for. Such a site, as a rule, intuitive and pleasant to perceive. And also it complies with all the rules of graphic and web design.
To be on such a site want again and again, because it makes us delighted, even if we do not realize it. But our consciousness understands everything and feels through the air.
Our eye is pleased when everything is aligned, when everything is beautiful and nothing unnecessary does not distract. When fonts fully correspond to the style of the site. And when the content on the site - it is like oil for the eyes, etc.

If a company has a website, then this very site is one of the main components of the success of the company, as it is the face of the company.

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Panda design & web development studio - is a young company that decided not just to make projects, but to create solutions that will not only serve people, but also contribute to the beauty of web design and web development around the world.

Creativity and creativity are an integral part of the projects we develop.

Individual approach to each client.

We layout projects of any complexity.